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Langruth News 2004

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Jan, 2004

Langruth Views: (no January issue)

Portage Herald Leader:  Obituary - Florence Agnes Johannson 

 Feb, 2004

Langruth Views:

  1.  Pancake Supper, Marg Soos, Gudrun Einarson, Lakeview Initiatives
  2.  Ad Rates, Submissions, Church times, Library Hours, Waste Disposal Hours
  3.  Kathy Wiebe-Totally Tropical Interiors, Raymond O'Connor - The Snow Bunting, Eric MacMillian Insurance
  4.  Delta History Fish Fry - Sat, Feb 28, 2004, Portage 

Portage Herald Leader:  Fishermen battle elements to get nets  Protecting the Whitemud watershed  

March, 2004

Langruth Views:
  1.  13 & under Mixed Hockey Torunament Thank-You, Editor Wanted
  2.  For your Information: Advertizing, Church times, Amaranth Gospel Mission, Catholic Chruch, Library Hours, Waste Disposal
  3.  Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - The Sparrow Family, Eric MacMillan Insurance, Delta History Open House
  4.  White Earth - Rinn Farms 

Which countries are looking at the Langruth Web Page  Const. Bryan Lasson snowmobiles to the Artic 

Portage Herald:  Fisherman hauled in fair winter catch 

April, 2004

Snowbirds reminising: L to R - Len Hanneson, Bud Langdon, Geo Bjarnason (Lucas), Bill Langdon and Cliff Johnson   Sveina Johnson's 90th Birthday

Langruth Views: 
  1. Kinisota Trail Game and Fish; LICDC ; Christopher Johnson 
  2. Langruth Views Subscription and other Info 
  3. Church News - Grace Lutheran, Langruth United, Our Lady of the Angels Catholic, Amaranth Gospel Mission; LICDC-Lakeview Initiatives Community Development Corporatio, Sveina Johnson 
  4. Kleemola Team Enjoys Win; Seniors News; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Nicknames
  5. Book Sale; Rec. Hockey News - Age 16 and under: Kelly Egilson, Alan Egilson, Mathew Kleemola, Cheryl Kleemola, Layne McRorie, Denton Callander, April Callander, Danny Keleman, Myles Jackson, Jeff Jensen and Carma Hackewich. Age 13 and under: Presley Roulette, Axle Beaulieu, Farrell Beaulieu, Trevor Bjarnarson, Kayla Bjarnarson, Dylan Robertshaw, Keaton Arksey, Theresa Thordarson, Roddy Thordarson, Jordan Jackson, Kevin Wild, Jayme Egilson, Staphanie Jackson, Kelsey Jensen, Keith Hackewich, Chris Rinn and Michelle Huyber
  6. Policing Report for Amaranth Community Office (Alonsa, Amaranth, Langruth, Sandy Bay)
  7. A Thought about Rural Churches; Kurtis Callander; A redneck gets shot; Teri Soos
  8. Langruth April, 2004 Callendar of Events 

Portage Herald:  Delta Marsh going to the birds  C-FAN colouring in smiles (Samantha and Ron Brown, Jane Arksey) 

May, 2004

  Langruth Views:
  1.  Sveinbjorg Eirikson (Sveina Johnson); TOPS
  2.  Info
  3.  Nature Notes - Canada Goose; Summer Employment
  4.  Church News; Diabetes Walk; Marjorie Johnson; Vet Clinic
  5.  Candice Dick and Daryl Kennedy; Senior News
  6.  Langruth School News-local history projects
  7.  Baseball; Langruth Community Yard Sale May 22, 2004
  8.  Langruth Community Calendar 

Portage Herald:  Gladstone, Westbourne RM throw support behind foundation  Legion needs Steward, Auction Sale: Olson 

Ottawa Citizen: Did the reason for the creation of Lake Manitoba inspire the story of Noah's ark? 

June, 2004

Langruth Views:
  1.  Century Farm: Johannson, Council News
  2.  Information
  3.  Common Yellowthroat, Church News, Decoration Day, Legion BBQ
  4.  Kleemola Shower, Doug Carson, Senior News, Teri Soos
  5.  Langruth Cemetery: Jessie Yunkurt, Marlene Craik; Big Point Cemetery: Ted Jonasson, Rena Arksey, JoAnn Egilson; Olson, Annabell Denby, Billy Johnson
  6.  Heidi Albrecht, Langruth Legion
  7.  June is Exam Month, Clint Cannon; Awards Day
  8.  Langruth Community Calendar - June 2004 

Portage Herald: 

July, 2004

Langruth Views:

  1.  Langruth Fair's 50th Anniversary, Jonasson Century Farm, Sean Robertshaw-Cadet
  2.  Info
  3.  Hall Rental Rates, Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Catbird, Candace Dick and Darryl Kennedy
  4.  Graduates - Heather Thordarson, Kaleigh Jackson, Jodi Hanneson, Kiersten Wild, Derek Thompson, Susan Kjartanson, Melodie Leclerc; Church News; Reid, Ted and Lynne Jonasson
  5.  Anne Smith (Bohm), Jim Groom, David Munro; James Groom; Senior News
  6.  Kaleigh Jackson; Gerald Arksey; School News-Principal - Chris Samels
  7.  MSOS Games - Teri Soos
  8.  Langruth Community Calendar - Johanson, Jonasson, Fall Fair 

Johnny's Kwik Lunch torn down 

Portage Herald: Gladstone William Morton Collegiate Institute Graduates - Class of 2004  Mary Anne Smith (Bohm) June 22nd, 2004  Langruth 4-Her places second in provincial speech contest - Morgan Arksey 

August, 2004

Langruth Views:

  1.  Centennial Farm Reunion: Johann Johannsson, Katrin Olafsdottir, Tammy Axelsson, Murray and Linda Johanson, Rena and Barry Arksey, John Johannson, Madison Ann Teichroeb
  2.  Information, Lakeview Initiatives
  3.  Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor-House Wren, Langruth TOPS host The Big Ride, Kurtis Callander, septic tanks
  4.  Municipal News:  New Grader, AMM District Meeting, Big Grass Steering Committee-dyking around Jackfish Lake and Game Bird Reserve, COPP-Citizens on Patrol Program-cell phones, Hollywood Beach, Resolutions passed;  Doug and Jenny Cooper
  5.  Church News, Ron Brown
  6.  Lakeview Children's Centre, News Bits: Johnny's Kwik Lunch, Ted Jonasson, Dwayne Bales, Mary Ann Smith, Tammy Tarko
  7.  Police Report cont'd - Amaranth, Alonsa, Langruth, Sandy Bay, stolen vehicle, assault, Westbourne
  8.  Police Report cont'd
  9.  Police Report cont'd; Brian Lasson part of last long range patrol or Gwitchin, RCMP Patrol Welcomed, Herschel Island, Yukon, Dennis Frost
  10.  Bryan Lasson cont'd - Andrew Tizya, Old Crow, Stokes Point 
  11.  Brian Lasson cont'd; Amanda Kopp, Fall Fair-Aug 14th
  12.  Doris Sigurdson Retirement Party, Langruth School 

Sept, 2004

Langruth Views:
  1. Century Farm - Jonason; Council News - Curfew for children under the age of 16; Nursery School to Start in Langruth
  2. Langruth Fall Fair (Results); Bud and Mae Langdon moving
  3. Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Piper Plover; Senior's News; TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) Open House; Church News; UCW;  Vacation Bible School Thank You; Fall Supper - Oct 3rd; Amaranth Gospel Mission
  4. BOGG Bash; Winner's Circle for Morgan Arksey; CD Release starring Doug and Stephan Thordarson 
  5. James Ryan Bohm graduates, member of Vancouver Police Department; New Bits from Here, There and About by Teri Soos: Johnson, Leclerc, Wild, Yungkurt, Kubb, Desjarlais, Tarko, McLaughlin, Dick Vinik, Kelemen, Kennedy
  6. Royal Canadian Legion; Autopac ad; New Bits From Here, There (cont'd)
  7. Louis Lasson's 70th Birthday; New Bits from Here, There (cont'd)
  8. Monster Madness, 5th Annual, Sunday Sept 5th, 2004, Langruth, MB
  9. For our Information: Ad rates, Subscribing, Submissions, Church times, Library hours, Waste Disposal Grounds, Who Are We?
  10. Langruth Calendar Sept 2004

Portage Herald:   Obituary: Connell Joseph Olson, b: Jan 1, 1938  Rural water improved to excess: Dugouts are now full  Big Grass Marsh proposal under review  Obituary: Sheila Wenoah Bjarnarson 

Oct, 2004

Langruth Views: 
1.Senior News, School News 
2. Johnson, Olson, Legion, Eric MacMillan Insurance 
3. Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Common Snipe, Church News, A Real Holiday by Marlene Craik 
4. News from Here and There: Gudrun Einarson, Louis and Julia Kelemen, Mud Bogg, Wilson, Craik, Teichroeb, Smith, Leclerc 
5. News cont'd: Evans, Grant, Lloyd, Connell Olson, Callander, Ron Brown, BIG BIKE, Carriere, Sheila Bjarnarson 
6. News from Melodie Leclerc in South Korea 
7. Cliff and Sheila Sepke, Jensen family, Snow Removal Tender 
8. Ad: Winnipeg Casino overnight trips 
9. For Your Information: subscriptions, Church times, Library 
10. Calendar - October, 2004: Fall Supper Nov 14, etc 

Portage Leader: Notice of Sale of Lands for Arrears of Taxes (Auction Oct 15, 2004)  Obituary: Isabella "Isabelle" Jane (nee Emberly) Clearwater 

Nov, 2004

Langruth Views:  Mudd Bogg, Langruth Legion banquet  Seniors, Church, Fall Supper, Raymond O'Connor-Eastern Kingbird, News  News cont'd  News cont'd  School News, Kim Cullen, Calgary Trip for Grade 6-8, Ball Hockey  PAC, Craft Sale, Kinisota Trail Game and Fish Banquet, RCMP News  RCMP Police News cont'd  Police News cont'd  Newsletter Rates, Ian Conrad Lasson - Obituary  Langruth Calendar of Events 

Portage Herald:  Joseph Konrad Lasson - Obituary  New board to advise on management of Lake Manitoba - Stewardship Board 

Dec, 2004

Langruth Views:
1. Icelandic Consul General visits Langruth, Game and Fish Banquet, Christmas Concert Schedule, Pallister Scholarship Award, Annual Christmas Tree Lighting 
2. Senior News, Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor-Purple Martins, Church News, News from Here, There and Anywhere: new babies: Trevor and Jennifer Johnson, Lee and Billie Hanneson, Jeffery and Sabrina Ewen 
3. News (cont'd): Fall Supper, Vicki (Reed) Billard, Syd Craik, Joe Lasson, Bill Smith, Grace (Johnson) Heavoner, Stanley Olson, Rod Caskey, James Caskey
4. Tenders for Rink Caretaking, School Events, Tax rebate on farmland, Register for Skating, Community Warning-sexual predator, 50th-Sheila and Cliff 
5. News from South Korea -by Melodie LeClerc 
6. Holiday Closures, Greetings from Geraldine and Bob Webb of Manitou, Thank you from Marsha, Rob and Bryan Lasson 
7. Ads: Casino-Moose Jaw, Autopac; Thank you from Gudrun Einarson 
8. Obituary - Stanley Olson, Obituary - William Robert Leslie Gardiner 
9. Building Permits in Langruth, Church times, Library times, Waste Disposal times 
10. December 2004 Langruth Community Calendar - Concert, etc 

Portage Herald: 

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