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Langruth News 2003

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Jan, 2003

Langruth Views: (no January issue)

Portage Herald Leader:  Firearms owners fight to register before deadline  

 Feb, 2003

Langruth Views:  Page 1 (Mrs Einarson's 98th Birthday, 4H, Fire at Emeric Church)  Page 2 (Information)  Page 3 (Winnifred Cameron, Annual Pancake Supper, Legion)  Page 4 (Books and Travel-Icelanders, William(Bill) Peterson)  Page 5 (What is C-FAN?, Moms and Tots)  Page 6 (Bud's Corner-Helgi Helgason, Boxing Day 2002 Bird Count)  Page 7 (Thanks-Connell and Lil Wilson 40th Wedding, Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connnor-Blue Jay, 1923 Ad)  Page 8 (February calandar of events)

March, 2003

Langruth Views:  Page 1 (Talent Auction, Family Fun Day - Kinosota Trail Game & Fish)  Page 2 (Information)  Page 3 (Christopher James Armstrong, Flea Market, Sydney Roberta Anna Strocen)  Page 4 (Edna Lillian Evans, The Sharp-tailed Grouse by Raymond O'Connor)  Page 5 (Profiles from the Past - Johnson)  Page 6 (Profiles from the Past - Johnson)  Page 7 (Mom's 80th Birthday - Kristin Arksey)  Page 8 (March calandar of events)

Portage Herald: Obituary - Elmer Joseph Strong  Langruth 4-Hers speak up  

April, 2003

Langruth Views:  Page 1 (Langruth Ridge Riders)  Page 2 (4H News)  Page 3 (Common Raven by Raymond O'Connor, Flea Market)  Page 4 (Food for thought)  Page 5 (Family Fun Day Results; Older Than Dirt Quiz)  Page 6 (What is C-Fan?)  Page 7 (West Nile Virus)  Page 8 (Calandar of events)

Portage Herald: Commercial fisherman hit hard this season  Part 2 - Fisherman still waiting for compensation for nets lost last fall  Obituary - James Charles Forsley

May, 2003

  Langruth Views:  Page 1 (ERIK: Help in an Emergency, Halayna Reese Boden)  Page 2 (Info)  Page 3 (Yard Sale, Thanks Coach)  Page 4 (Cattle Egret by Raymond O'Connor, 4H News: Arksey, Jackson)  Page 5 (Blue Herons begin spring training)  Page 6 (Ted Meseyton, Library)  Page 7 (Hardball, 1/4 Section Land for Sale)  Page 8 (Delta Marsh Birding Festival)

Portage Herald: Raging fire threatens Amaranth- Langruth called in  Women honoured for role in child care (page 1)  Women honoured for role in child care (page 2)

June, 2003

Langruth Views:  Page 1 (C-FAN Staff & Program Honoured)  Page 2 (Eating Breakfast aids Weight Loss; Thank You: Evans Family)  Page 3 (Isabelle Thomson, Lauren Anne Bohm, Legion)  Page 4 (Lakeland Cemetery, RM Summer Employment)  Page 5 (Surplus Equipment for sale, Birthday-Velma)  Page 6 (Cole Jaydon Emberly, Golf Day, Thanks - Ron Brown)  Page 7 (Langruth Ridge Riders Barrel Racing)  Page 8 (Calandar of events)

Portage Herald: Nothing to fear about mad cow: vet, Wayne Gardiner  George William Edgeworth Obituary  Fishermen want provincial help removing nets from Lake Manitoba  

July, 2003

Langruth Views:  Page 1 (Lakeview Fire Dept Honoured)  Page 2 (Legion Fun Golf Day)  Page 3 (Langruth Seniors, Lakeview Initiatives, Thank you: Dale and Jane)  Page 4 (Langruth Summer Fun Days - July 10 to Aug 14) 

Portage Herald: Langruth student off to band camp (Erika Brown) 

August, 2003

Langruth Views:  Page 1 (Wiebe, Cooper, Hempstock, Armstrong, Johnson)  Page 2 (Church Humour, Black-billed Magpie by Raymond O'Connor)  Page 3 (Arksey Reunion)  Page 4 (Monster Madness)

Sept, 2003

Langruth Views:  Page 1 (Czeranko, Flea Market, Manns, Quantrill, Gillingham, Terry Fox Run)  Page 2 (Strocen, Einarson Park, Jorgenson)  Page 3 (Soos, O'Connor-The Cliff Swallow)  Page 4 (Employment at Lakeview Children's Centre)

Portage Herald: Notice of Sale of Lands for Arrears of Taxes  Beef on menu for Langruth fall dinner 

Oct, 2003

Langruth Views:  Page 1 (Terry Fox Run, Michelle Strocen, Jackson, Jensen, Hackewich, Hill, Huyber, Robertshaw, Langruth Fall Supper)  Page 2 (High School Awards: Wild, Egilson, Reed, Brown, Callander, Huyber, Kopp, Thordarson, Jackson)  Page 3 (Summer Studies)  Page 4 (Book Fair, Langruth Reunion in Vancouver, B.C.) 

Portage Leader:  Langruth area residents want more policing 

Nov, 2003

Langruth Views:  Page 1 (Legion News, Ted and Lynne, Healthier Lifestyle)  Page 2 (Craft Sale, Game and Fish Banquet, Caitlin Arksey)  Page 3 (Raymond O'Connor - The Pine Siskin, Kimberlee Jonasson, Community Canvas)  Page 4 (Manitoba Alive, Ironic Quotes)  Insert Pg1 (Manitoba Theatre - The Power of Harriett)  Insert Pg2 (Kids in the Kitchen) 

Portage Herald: Obituary: Alan Jackson  Gladstone students place at Canadian Cowboys Association Rodeo Finals - April Callander  Obituary - Frank Ian Foster

Dec, 2003

Langruth Views: Page 1 (Game and Fish Banquet - Dec 6)  Page 2 (Info)  Page 3 (Bingo, Lakeview Initiatives Community Development Corporation Annual General Meeting, Katy Davidson (nee Thompson)  Page 4 (Langruth Seniors Report, Lutherna Tea)

Portage Herald:  Langruth Teacher position - interim, Feb, 2004  Commercial Ice Fishing off to Halting Start  

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